St. Ann Music Ministry

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Music is an important part of Catholic funeral rites. It has the power to strengthen the faith and hope of those present. It should support, console, uplift, and help create in them a spirit of hope in Christ's victory over death.

Most Secular songs (popular/non-religious songs), even though they may have been meaningful to the deceased or the family, do not capture the Gospel message of hope nor the sacred quality of Christian worship, and so secular songs are not generally allowed during a Catholic funeral rite. Below are some hymn titles offered for your consideration. Other appropriate selections can be made from the parish hymnals, but in rare cases may result in rehearsal fees.

Using your own cantor/musician?  Ask if they are bringing their own sound equipment.  If not, please request sound support here.
Funeral Fees
Basic Service Fee
Additional instrumentalists, accompanists, and vocalists.(Examples: Organist/Pianist, Violinist, Flute, Cantor) 
$100 per musician, subject to availability
 Rehearsals (required for some alternate music selections)
$50 per hour, per musician

Need Song Suggestions?

Check out our Hymnals or schedule a meeting with the Music Director!